Monday, December 15, 2008

Presents and all the rest

This year, for Evee, I got 4 sets of magnets (3 ABC magnets, and 1 of numbers). They were $.88 each at Walmart. If I couldn't find them cheap, I was going to try to make some :). We also got some hand-me-downs from a family - which was very exciting! My mom, thankfully, asked me what Evee needed or what I'd prefer for her to get (puzzles, books, winter boots). Clint and I usually don't get anything for each other (but that is definitely an individual choice we make!). This makes Christmas very easy! We'll see how this goes in the years to come, but I believe that if we stay consistent with simplicity, that is what will be expected by Evee and any other kids we have.

Earlier I said I would share a few things about keeping Christmas simple. Here are three things we've found that help.
  • With extended family, you might consider choosing names. So instead of every family member buying for every other family member, make a family wide agreement to exchange names and set a spending limit. Then each family member receives 1 gift from 1 individual, and you give 1 gift away as well.
  • For kids - recycle old toys, trade toys with friends so your child is receiving something they haven't had before, set a spending or gift limit. If family members ask what they can get, think about what would be useful or what your child needs.
  • And, not to be cliche, but remember that Christmas is really about much more than gifts and food!
I hope that the next 2 weeks before Christmas are peaceful for you!

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