Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday Stress?

I was just thinking this morning about how peaceful it is - a bit of snow falling (which I usually do not appreciate, but it's adding to the ambiance of the moment :)), Christmas music playing (Yellowjackets - Peace Round), Evee reading, Christmas tree up, heat on, hanging out in pajamas... Just something cozy about the morning. And yes, the tree is already up and that's early for us! But, when I was going through all the boxes, I just figured I'd bring it up from storage.

Anyway, just wondering if any of you have holiday stress with Thanksgiving coming next week and Christmas soon behind it. We've always done things pretty simply in my family - both growing up and now. It's a good feeling. A few times we've all met up and had Chinese for Thanksgiving - sometimes carry-out and once we had it at the restaurant. Talk about simplicity! It becomes even more about family that way - which I love.

I was looking to see what advice there is out there on relieving stress, but it's just the basics. I think one thing that will always help is planning! You just can't go wrong with that...maybe making some stuff this weekend in advance for the holiday. And, on a much deeper level, just being who you are around friends and family - setting up emotional boundaries. It's always sad when I hear that it's family that makes the time stressful. Wow, deeper than just the basics there - maybe for another post :).

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  1. I so want to have Chinese on Christmas one year b/c an all-time favorite movie of mine is The Christmas Story! :o)

    We keep it pretty simple, too. I am finding that I have a lot less time for "stuff" now that I have 2 kids, tho!