Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Getting it all organzied

So, we organized all the clothes and put them into boxes by size (see below). It will be helpful when passing them off to people. It's amazing to me how many clothes a little one can have in their first year and a half of life - especially since we might have bought 5 things at most! Have I mentioned how much I love hand-me-downs and free stuff? I'd show you the end result, but I didn't take pictures of that and I'm sure you can imagine a few boxes in the closet :).

Evee had fun finding old things and hanging out as I went through stuff (though, it was a bit of work getting her to not throw everything straight out of the boxes!).


  1. what an adorable smiling face!


  2. Jaime,
    I have 6 years worth of boy clothes and 4 years worth of girl clothes downstairs in my basement right now....Going through them and labeling everything is a major project which has been on my brain for the last few months.
    You've inspired me to get it done.

    (I love hand me downs, too. Soooo wonderful.)

  3. Love the last picture! So sweet!

    The pacifier pics... looks like she's looking at them thinking, "What are these for?" She really didn't use them much, did she?

    We get to see you all in less than a week! Can't wait.