Thursday, August 14, 2008

Money Savers

These are some of the top tips that I just recently saw on a money saving forum that I thought were worth mentioning -
  • When you break larger bills and get $1's back, don't spend them. Save them somewhere and then use them for something fun (vacation, outing, family activity, etc. - or better yet, to pay off debt).
  • Shop yard sales.
  • Use freecycle for free things and to get rid of your old things.
  • Get books, CD's, videos, etc. at the library.
  • Turn down the heat a few degrees in the winter and up the AC in the summer. For every degree down or up - depending on the season - you can save up to 5% on your bill.
  • Have snacks in your car for when you're out and about. Put a cooler with drinks and easy to grab snacks in the car so you aren't tempted to stop.
  • Pack your lunch if you work and pack the kid's school lunches.
  • Plan your meals so that you don't go out (and if you do, it is a planned treat). Check out my Month of Meals for an easy meal plan.
  • Use your leftovers.
  • Check out Cindy's Porch for other money saving tips for August...

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