Monday, August 18, 2008

Is it worth the price?

Always? So, sometimes it doesn't always "pay" to go the "cheaper" route.

Last week we got a new car battery. I went to AutoZone in the morning to make sure it was the battery and not the alternator (thankfully it was just the battery). The guy working came to my car and was able to check it all with Evee sitting in the car. Then he searched to see what they had available and it was around $55. But, we figured that we could get it cheaper at Walmart, so I went on my way. I'm wondering now if that guy would have even put the battery in the car for me while I was in the car with Evee.

So that afternoon, right after my husband gets off work, we head to Walmart - it's about 3:40 when we arrive. We go back to the auto section. No one asks if we need help and there weren't many people around. Looking back we should have just pulled up to the automotive part (the one outside), but had gone into the store. By the time we (bear with me...)
  • picked out the battery
  • checked out
  • went to the car, realized that we needed a different battery (the positive needed to be on the left and it was on the right and wouldn't fit)
  • went to exchange the first for the second at customer service
  • got sent back to the auto section to verify the battery, that we had bought 5 minutes earlier and had the receipt to prove, was still good
  • the auto section said that was silly so sent us back up
  • finally got the battery exchanged
  • went out to the car and put it in
  • went to the outside auto area where we were told we couldn't get our $9 refund there, but had to go to customer service
  • went to customer service to get the refund - now there was a bit of a line
  • back to the car to finally leave was 5:10. It probably would have taken me 15 minutes tops earlier that day at Autozone. Glad we "paid" in time, peace of mind, getting terrible customer service, and feeling very frustrated for a "cheaper" battery that ended up being $3 more IF you INCLUDE the $9 refund. Nice...


  1. Classic Walmart story :). I can do Walmart if there is not customer service involved, otherwise I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall. I put a link on my blog to yours. You know since I've got so much traffic. he he he. Love ya!

  2. I went to Wal-mart last night at 10:00 PM to pick up some bread. As I walked in the front door the greeter was sitting on a bench and said, "hello" while digging in his ear with a key. Yummy. I am totally not making this up. Nothing says, "welcome, come buy food from us" like digging ear cheese out with a key :). I guess it was 10PM, but oh my.