Monday, August 11, 2008

De-clutter and get money

So, I found this site - Fly Lady - and thought I'd pass along some de-cluttering info that I found this past week to any of you who may have taken that course of action to simplify (or wanted to, but it seemed overwhelming). I like the way she breaks it down.

Also, I wanted to say that once you have de-cluttered, a few great ways to get rid of it (and make money!) are:
You have to set up accounts for eBay and Amazon, but it'll most likely be worth it. And Craigslist is a great tool to use for selling & buying locally.

Otherwise, your local Goodwill or Salvation Army could probably use your de-cluttering efforts!

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  1. Hey Jamie! De-cluttering is such a freeing thing to do. We've done quite a bit of it since we put the house up for sale. And, I'm sure, when we finally sell and move... we'll be de-cluttering more than we ever have! Thanks for all the great tips.