Monday, August 4, 2008


Since living simple, cheap, and green has been and will continue to be a journey for me, I thought I would share my top "temptations" as far as things that steal my peace/simplicity, waste my money, and trash the environment. So, here goes...

Peace stealer and time waster - TV
  • This has not been such an issue this summer since we have been traveling, reading, and being with people a lot...but, in everyday life sometimes I am drawn just to see what is on and zone a bit (good thing we don't have cable :)).
Money waster - coffee
  • I love getting coffee out. It doesn't always need to be fancy (although most the time it is a specialty coffee), but I just love it. I was just talking with a friend about how there seems to be something about getting a coffee while you're out - even if its the same brewed coffee you'd make at home. I also have great memories of going out for coffee - whether it's with my mom/sister(s), a friend, or just by, that doesn't help. I'm actually making this sound like a really great thing...maybe I'll just quick grab a coffee (just kidding).
Trash to the environment - ...
  • I'm still thinking on this one. Maybe I'll just wait and post about it another time. I know there's a lot that I can continue to work on in this department, but nothing blaring is coming to mind right now. I will say, though, that this summer we used disposable diapers and not our normal cloth ones. I felt that it would have been really difficult (even though I know it was possible) to be traveling so much and staying with other people all the time and still do cloth. So, that's an obvious one in this moment. We'll start using cloth again, though, within the next few weeks.
Anyway, I'm still thinking of what I am going to do to "fight against" these, but I will decide and write about it. I'd also love to hear what you think yours are if you know...


  1. Okay, So I just HAD to leave a comment about the cloth diapers! Thanks again for letting us borrow them for a couple of months, it REALLY helped while we were selling and buying ours. And, Cooper loved wearing the pink and lavendar diapers each day at naptime, it made him get in touch with his feminine side! HA!

  2. So I'm getting my blog account in order vs. watching cable. Somehow Stevo got my blog attached to his. Man I have so much more time on my hands. :)

  3. You did have to mention the coffee thing, didn't you!?

  4. Stacey - Don't worry...I'll definitely be mentioning cloth diapers at some point on the blog :). Thanks to you for allowing us to borrow them at the beginning and getting us hooked!

    Renee and mom - cable and coffee - you would mention those in comments!