Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The List (Part 2)

In Part 1, I explained that adding things or ideas to your life is not necessarily the solution for a simplified life - most likely it will just be overwhelming. Well, see below (Part 1) for the subtractions and see here for the replacements. This is the "to do list". Things that will bring peace by doing or having them! Maybe just pick one thing from the list in Part 1, subtract it, and then add the corresponding idea (Part 2) to your life!

Simplify by
  1. Read a book - somehow this almost always helps bring peace into my life. One great place to get cheap books is the library :) - actually free! But, along with that are a couple of great websites that let you swap books for free (just pay shipping). These sites are Paperback Swap and Bookins. They'd be great to check out and they also go fabulously with going green and going cheap!
  2. Organize your home! Papers, clutter, etc. Now that you've gotten ride of clutter (see Part1), you can better organize what you've got.
  3. Get a meal plan that works for your family. This way you won't be so tempted to spend money going out to eat the next time you don't know what's for dinner. You'll also stop going to the grocery store multiple times a week! For information on creating your own meal plan, sign up for the monthly newsletter at the top of the blog or go to A Month of Meals which allows you to buy a meal plan (and lots of information!) that I created that is easy, healthy, and cheap!
  4. Say yes to something that is refreshing or relaxing to you - and do it!
  5. Think positive thoughts about your life and future. Instead of speaking fear and worry into your situation, speak things that are positive and trusting. I really believe that this makes a difference in your attitude and life circumstance!
  6. Being alone is the subtraction and addition for this one :). Subtracting people and adding no one! Go take a walk by yourself, make a coffee and sit outside, close your bedroom door. Even for just 15 minutes, being alone can be refreshing!
  7. Buy something second hand. This again, is another one that is also good on the environment and the pocketbook. Buy stuff at Goodwill, other second hand stores, or garage sales. My sister decided to not buy any new clothes and has been doing it for a few months now and loves it (she does it also to not support the mistreatment of employees in other countries). Maybe I'll start doing this too (I don't actually buy many anyway, but it would still be a good practice) and let everyone know how it goes.
  8. Pray and work through forgiveness issues. A good way to work through forgiveness is to pray this - "I forgive (the person's name) for (what they did) because it made me feel (how you felt). I ask for blessings on that person's life and future." I know it may sound crazy, but this works. Then, let go of the bitterness! I know it can be very hard and deep, but this is a good first step.


  1. Hi, Jamie! Great blog! I just forwarded your addy to Kendra and Krista.

    Interesting. I never heard of Bookins, but I went to it and discovered my book Through Every Storm is on the list. That's kind of cool.

    Evi is absolutely precious. We've seen her a few times with your mom and dad.

    Hope you and Clint are having fun being parents. I know you're doing a wonderful job.

    Hugs and Blessings!

  2. Jamie -

    I'm excited about this new blog that you've started. What a great idea. Can't wait to read more!

    BTW - Evee is just adorable!

    Love you guys,