Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Weekend

It doesn't feel like these pictures should go together. 
In one part of my mind it's summer.
In another part, it is Christmas.
They do not go together.
But they do, here (and everywhere else in the southern hemisphere). 

The other day I walked into a store. On one side of the aisle were Christmas trees and decorations. On the other side were bathing suits. It may take me another year or 2 to get used to this.

And so this weekend we had a bit of both.
Summer - kiddie pools, the beach, fish and chips (may I add terrible allergies/hay fever!).
Christmas - tree, lights, presents, stockings.
Definitely lots of excitement all around, for both summer and Christmas.


  1. You might just fall in love with celebrating Christmas and holidays during a kiwi summer!!!

  2. I see the owls. :) Love all the Christmas decorations. Looking forward to putting some of my own up next week. Love to all!