Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas {2013}

It is boxing day here, 26th of December. I sit in a quiet living room, surrounded by a few unfinished projects from Christmas toys and a book I will get to sit and read and probably finish today (!!!). Clint is out running a couple quick errands with the girls. He's getting ready to watch the cricket game (all afternoon). We've had a simple breakfast. We've said good bye (Tschüss) to German tourist who stayed the night. And I'm sipping some coffee.

It's been a good Christmas. Our first Christmas eve service as a new church, a celebration of Emmanuel. An amazing story.

We started off Christmas day with our special breakfast - coffee, eggs, pancakes, bacon. Skyped with family, went through the Christmas story, shared day 25 of our "musing garland", opened up gifts and stockings.

We gathered with friends for lunch. Hosted by sweet friends of ours - with lots of people we hadn't met, others that we'd invited. All in all, there were about 6 different nationalities represented. We feasted, talked, played, and headed home.

Friends came to our house for a simple dinner together, kids played. A relaxed evening. We finished off the day in our living room, chatting with new friends from Germany who had come to church last Sunday. Other friends from church had invited them on their Christmas day, they came to ours in the evening, and ended up sleeping on our futon instead of in their van. 

Today we look forward to relaxing, reading, playing, being together, and more skyping with family. It will be a good day.

I'm thinking of many of you - thankful for family and friends across the world. Thankful to journey together, whether near or far. Whether Christmas day is completed or you're in the middle of it, Merry Christmas from our family to yours. We hope for peace, joy and love in the year ahead. 

Much love to you!!!

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