Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Tuesday tends to be my heavier day at work. The group that comes together, that I sole facilitate, is three hours long. I love it, I love it. But it delves deep into family upbringing, desire for change, why we parent how we do and if we're happy with what we've come up with. Most young parents in the group say that they cannot think of any parent that they'd like to model after. Most have childhoods that would make you cry. It would be easier to start from scratch. We start from negative.

And, then tonight starts our second eight week session for the suicide bereavement group. I'm still amazed that we are up and running. So many times last year I gave it back to God and each time a door opened. Here we are, starting with the second group of people.

And so will be my Tuesdays for the next wee while. Heavy but hopeful. Change is small, but so big within its context.

On this tiring day, I am thankful for Clint. Bathing the girls as I head out the door. I am thankful for Spring and the seedlings starting to come through the dirt in a sunny area of our house. I'm thankful that there is community to process the hardness of life - like death and negative up-bringings.

And I will choose to see and champion every bit of growth, healing and change that takes place.

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  1. While we were in ChCh, Dad and I met so many that have been affected by your encouragement, support, and love. Love who you are Jamie.