Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So many blog post written in my head. In the mix of days, they are not getting from my head to my fingers on a keyboard.

I looked back on past post, namely the post of January, 2012 when first we moved here to Christchurch. And I wonder when I stopped posting as regularly. No reason is good enough.

Bits that I would have like to have gotten from head to keyboard recently

// the sweetness that occurred before going to the States. We had friends that took our kids so we could have a night out, a friend that brought a meal over and offered to come clean my house. Clean my house! And those at my job who so wonderfully allowed me the time, with no strings attached.

// the great anticipation I felt before we left (and still feel) with all that's happening with those who make up The Well. God is so moving. Sometimes it's subtle, sometimes not. I am excited and grateful.

// going to the States! Goodness, it's hard to believe we went and came back already! It was a gift. I got to see so many of the amazing, beautiful people in our lives. I was amazed at the people that I got to touch in with. And I went away from each encounter ever so thankful for the wonderful people in my life. I do not take you for granted.

// AND my parents will be here in 10 days! Here! My parents!

// coming home! With each good-bye there are sweet hellos as well. It was good to get back to Christchurch, catch up with friends and work and life. We are blessed all around.

// hope
// Hearing from friends who have recently experienced amazing loss, the hope they know and the reality of peace that they are experiencing in the midst of pain
// Having a dear 80 year old man at our dinner table sharing his thoughts on death while his sweet wife is recovering from another stroke. Amazing conversation.
// Recent experiences of praying and seeing healing take place

We have such hope friends!!! Unfading, peace-giving hope that does not disappoint. And this is what I feel tonight and what sums up this post. Thankful for hope.

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  1. So good to read your post. I miss your words when posts are few and far between, but understand! So excited to be there soon!!