Saturday, March 2, 2013

This is our current "say cheese" face. A very update picture, taken tonight. Evee is out with a friend. They will come back to our place for a sleepover tonight. We're already at that stage.

Where we are:
It's been a month since I last posted. What's happened to me friends?
We've had my sweet friend Regina for 3 weeks and her brother for almost one week. It was wonderful to have them.
We found out that our house that we rent is being sold and that we need to move. Just this week we've also found a new place to live. We move in 2 weeks. Crazy!
At the playground tonight, a lady we didn't know asked if we'd keep an eye on her daughter while she went to the end of the block to grab their fish & chips. I don't know... just thought it was interesting.

My next post will be on gratitude and thankfulness. I have been thinking a lot about that today and the need I have to bring that attitude back into my life more habitually.

Hope you are well friends.


  1. Yay you found somewhere to move! Congrats! Let me know if we can help!

  2. Love seeing Iris. The lady at the playground was an interesting scenario. Guess she really felt like she could trust you. :)