Friday, March 22, 2013

Hello friends!

Where we're at
and gratitude:
:: We've moved house!
:: So many beautiful people helped us move, brought meals, watched our kids, helped us pack, and cleaned. Really, I was amazed.
:: Change always takes me a second to process. I wasn't certain about our new house, but one week in and I'm loving it. It seems to be just perfect for this season.
:: And as crazy as this week of unpacking and settling in has been, there have been amazing moments of processing faith over meals and friends sitting around in our unpacked living room and many cups of tea. I'm so thankful.
:: Evee turns 6 next month. 6! Can I just say I love the 5 year old age? She is a joy. Tonight, with Clint out and Iris to bed early, we had a girls night. She is a delight to hang out with.
:: Iris is all her own. Lots of laughter (and, at 2 years old, lots of tears).
:: Iris is full on into dress up. Not like Evee was with wearing dresses all the time, but actually dressing up in costume type clothes. I'm pretty sure her daily goal is to be in a princess or ballerina outfit as much as possible. She does pretty well.
:: This past week Clint, Iris and I went to visit some friends that have just under 50 years on us. There is something so peaceful about being with them. I hope that as I age I become more and more gracious, steady and encouraging.
:: We have another new niece! So many little people in our families that I am longing to meet!
:: And the last picture above - our happy faces at sweet blessings that came this week through papa & grandma (my parents). Learning more about God's goodness, love and gifts through them.

Much love to you all as you go about your days... May we find joy and peace.


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    1. Yeah, thanks for your help! You'll definitely have to come for dinner sometime soon :)

  2. Oh, Jamie, with travels and our recent move (still settling, too:), I only now saw this. LOVE the pictures. Evee has just plain grown up!! Can't wait to get my arms around them and YOU!!

  3. Cute! I love the second photo. :)