Friday, January 25, 2013

Pictures in no good order:
:: We went to the Botanic Gardens for the kids part in the Buskers Festival today. Clint got asked to hold a ladder on stage ;). It was fun to go together.
::  We are preparing for school starting next week (!!!). Evee's excited. We will treasure this last week.
:: She is a beauty. Seriously a joy to be around.
:: The confident scooter and bike riding are changing my life. The walk to and from school is going to be a breeze!
:: Clint & Evee watching the act today. Sweetness.
:: Iris on a non-baby swing going high. She is growing up. She is funny and wonderful.
:: And a picture Iris took. Just because I'm not often in the pictures :).


  1. Love, love the pictures. Thank you!!

  2. celebrating what's behind the stories of your life that your pictures tell - feeling so blessed in the remembering of times spent with you!

    because it matters, jayne