Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello again friends

I'm really not sure what happened. Somewhere along the better half of 2012 I stopped regular blogging. To be true, I'm not sure why. There have been other good things filling my time on the computer - projects that I started and continue to work on, researching and starting to address community needs. Blogging went on the back burner.

Clint and I took a day in the first week of January to reflect. 2012 has been an interesting year. So many changes, transitions, milestones - 10 years of marriage, a huge adventure as a family, Evee starting school, the groundwork for planting a church, getting deeply involved with things within our community, amazing relationships. Beautiful, wonderful things.

We are also so happy to have 2012 "in the books" (as Clint would say). There have been some really difficult moments and seasons in the last 12 months. There have been numerous lessons learned and I can already see wonderful things that have come out of that tougher year. I am truly excited about this year that we are in. And so very hopeful.

And so, blogging. In the midst of everything, I long to keep this space what it has been... little snippets, a collection of our days. I've been thinking this for a couple weeks now, but had a gentle nudge from a friend today (thank you).

So here I am. No apology, no promises. But in hope.

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  1. Glad to see you back. :) I've been checking, but figured it was on the back burner (as you said) with all the other things you have going. Love to see pictures of those grands when possible! Love you!