Wednesday, May 2, 2012

school visits

Evee starts school on May 14th.  I miss her already.  Really.  I didn't think I would be like this, but I am.

However, today's school visit was a good one.  I think it put us both at ease.  Maybe even got us excited. 

Evee participated while I sat in a little chair a foot or 2 away and watched.  She turned to look at me from time to time.  I'd give her a thumbs up.  A mouthed "good job girl!".

A sweet girl, Daisy, seemed to take Evee on.  Smiled at her, held her hand, sat by her during morning tea.  Evee was thrilled to have made a friend today.  Evee happily told me that all of the kids had said her name and talked with her. 

We sat with half a dozen kids during snack time.  Evee only got to eat one rice cake before the bell rang.  Lots of randomness about life was shared.  I happened to be there to listen. 

Out of little mouths...
"We have a house at Hamner Springs."
"My older brother said he'd play with me at lunch time."
"My mom doesn't live with us.  She is at the hospital.  She has cancer."

We saw another mom at the office.  Her little guy starts the Monday before Evee.  I think we could be friends.  We talked about the bittersweet of sending these first little ones off to school.

A whole new phase.  A whole new small world of people... to live the joy and sorrow with.

Evee made a picture today.  From the special art stuff grammie sent for her birthday.  She said wanted to give it to her teacher.  She said it means "love to one another".  Appropriate.


  1. that's a beautiful picture, Evee! and yes, what an appropriate theme.

  2. So hard to believe our first grandchild is starting school! Our love to Evee. And, I absolutely love her drawing/painting. What a great mantra to begin school with. :)