Monday, April 9, 2012


Some days the task ahead seems daunting.  A bit overwhelming.  To move countries with big dreams.  To be hopeful and realistic, all at the same time.  To pray, seek, go, and step at a time. 

I'm amazed at the beautiful people in our lives already, the sweet community that we are apart of.  The time and effort to cultivate deep relationships is well worth it, I know this.  Choosing to take initiative.

There are many ways that I long to be apart of this city, this current community that is all around us and that we are getting to know.  Shifting through what I really should be apart of and what isn't for me in this season.

And then, beyond the dreams of starting a church, there is the dailiness of life.  The joy of being at home with 2 girls and all the effort it takes to teach them about life and living together.

And all the things that I randomly want as partial creator of this home, all that I want to learn - gardening, thrifting, re-doing of furniture, pattern making, chicken keeping - oh I do have on my mind some wonderful things.  And attempting for these things to be within the context of community.

I can see where we are, I can see the beauty of it and I can see all that I still want to be moving towards.  I remind myself that it is a journey.  I remind myself that it takes time and that time is what makes things beautiful.

I have 6 pots of herbs on my kitchen windowsill.  They seem to be a simple reminder that things are happening, we are moving step at a time.  I may not have a whole garden, I may not have even started in the planning of one, but I do have herbs.  And that is enough for now.  The rest will come.

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  1. I love your perspective on life, Jamie! Proud to call you one of my own :). Love you!