Tuesday, April 24, 2012

and she's five

What in the world?!?  My baby is five years old today.

When I went into her room this morning she gave me a big smile and a tight hug.  She wondered if she was already five, even though it was the morning.  I told her she was and she jumped around.  She said that she thought maybe she was taller.  Clint measured her and she was.

What a sweet girl she is.  Just a beauty. 

She is learning everyday about herself and this world.  Simple things like saying hello and smiling when she sees someone.  Learning to be kind and love others.  She has a tender heart.  She is growing too fast for me some days, yet reminding me of the wonders of childhood. 

She starts full days at school in a couple of weeks.  Sometimes I feel that I already miss her.

We had a party today.  Thankful that she has some very sweet friends here in Christchurch.
Sweetness 1st day home through to last year's birthday party.
Happy birthday little one.


  1. What a special time for Mummy to look back and remember all those special times and record to keep forever!

  2. Sweet, sweet Evee. We are giving you LOTS of long distance hugs from Indiana! We love you and miss you. Even from far-away, we love watching you and Maddie grow up before our eyes. Love you SOOOOO much (feel the hug there) and will hopefully talk with you soon. Hope your birthday was super amazing. :)

  3. Love the pictures. Oh, how we wish we could have been there. Love the photo of all the kids wearing their crowns.

  4. Happy Birthday Evee!! she is just so sweet.

  5. Happy birthday little Evee! Love from all of us!