Wednesday, February 1, 2012

small things

Yesterday we looked at an apartment in the city.  It's available too soon for us and I think they weren't interested in a family renting it (the rental market is quick right now...they can be picky).  However, it was awesome to just go see a place verses simply looking online.

I drove by myself.  This was a small feat for me.  Different driving rules, different car (which we are borrowing and so thankful for...) and after all our travel I hadn't been driving for awhile.

Grocery shopping was about half the cost it was last week (!!!).  Thank you for the tips friends!

We had a couple over last night for dinner.  They stayed late and we talked about Christchurch and about life. 

Today I went to a friends house and drove there with the girls by myself.  All of which was wonderful.  So thankful.    

And Evee.  While she may not process it the same way, we see bursts of emotion.  After weeks and months of being with friends, cousins and more friends its different to be mostly on your own.  She talks about making friends, which she's never done. 

This afternoon Evee and I played fairies and talked while coloring. I could tell we both felt more ourselves.  The other stuff will get done. 


  1. Oh man, missing you guys! Evee is growing up so fast! Thanks for the picture. Way to go on the driving. I love you!

  2. Please give Evee and Iris my love. Tell them Mr. Mike misses them ALOT.

  3. So glad to hear things are getting back to normal! Love you all. Evee is beautiful!

  4. Oh she's so precious! Praying for you and missing you in church. So glad to have found your blog. Keep the pictures coming and goodluck in all your endeavors.

  5. Makes me smile knowing that playing fairies is normal in your house too... :)