Monday, January 30, 2012

flight or fight

We sat in a movie theater, in Christchurch and watched this film, a documentary about the Christchurch earthquakes and the last year and a half here in general.  We were surrounded by people who were watching what they actually experienced. This wasn't just a film for them, this was (is) a major part of their lives... and it was a bit surreal. 

On the way to the movie our friend told us her experience of what has transpired here in the last year and a half.

We watched the movie, side by side.  She pointed out people she knew and told me where places were.

Oh it was a beautiful city.  So lovely and anyone would have loved to live here.

And I cried because it was sad, really terrible to watch and think of the fear people lived through and the fear that still sticks with so many of them.

She sat next to me and cried, but (I'm guessing) her's was personal.  She knew people, she remembers sitting under a table in a mall holding hands with her friend while it was dark and shaking and hearing things shatter around them.  She knows what it was like to rush to her kids' school, make sure they are alright and drive her daughter's friend home who sat in the back seat in shock.

Two men were interviewed in one section of the film.  One said that some flee and others stay and make things ready for the others when they return.  There is no judgement either way, he said.  That's the way it is and either way is do what you have to do.

Many stories.  Much they've been through.  We are excited to be apart of those who want the city back and cling to hope.  It is an interesting place to be right now. 


  1. Clinging to hope... right place, right time. Love you!

  2. Thank you for loving our city as much as we do :)