Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Indiana & California (in pictures)

Today we head off to Australia.  The last 3 weeks have been wonderful and quick and long and sad and happy and every other mix of randomness.  Each step we take closer to arriving in Christchurch makes me more ready to set up home, but I wouldn't skip these moments and those to come. 
And everything not pictured, that I want to keep in my mind
:: brewpub with Christners

:: at Bak's with Gotchels
:: seeing friends and being commissioned
:: getting sick
:: prayers at Callen's; Whitley's
:: day with Swyer's and dinner with Chris & Rachel
:: San Diego with Morgan's and seeing Rachel
:: Regina, every spare moment
:: Eisley and sitting outside Josh & Kar's with Bills too
:: Paul & Brooke coming home and settling in as if no time has passed
:: Evee and Iris holding hands in the back of the car
:: All the dinners, laughter and tears, memories that I will keep in my heart and the people I feel so thankful to call family and friends

And I haven't even begun to think through the Jersey people...for another day.

More to write on the other side of travel.  Here's to hoping for lots of sleep on an almost 20 hour