Saturday, December 24, 2011

on Christmas Eve...

:: maybe the only snow we see is when flying into Denver for our 4 hour layover
:: maybe the good-byes are hard as we get dropped off for our flight...our next travel will be to leave the states for a long while
::maybe I picked up one quick gift for Evee on our way out of town since Christmas came quicker than expected in the midst of packing, seeing friends and starting the move
:: maybe there are people that would be nice to see one more time or for a bit longer, since I don't know when next time will be

but then again...
:: we are flying to see family and friends
:: my sister is in transit with's so nice to see her face sitting beside us (and awesome to have another adult for travel)
:: I have my sweet (tired) girls and amazing husband
:: I anticipate a great year ahead as we close out 2011
:: we've been with such beautiful people before and during this time of transition
:: it is Christmas Eve, tomorrow is Christmas day and by tomorrow night my family will be together and it will be wonderful...

So as I type this from Denver, I wish you a very merry Christmas.  May you know hope, peace and joy this night.  Much love to you.