Monday, December 19, 2011

Niagara Falls

Last year we stayed home for Christmas.  We had dinner together at home most nights.  We worked through a question a day on our garland and it worked wonderfully.

This year, we have no home.  Dinner together as a family usually takes place, but in the midst of a lot of other things.  This year we thought through our answers on a car ride, from Canada to Indiana.  8 questions, all in one day.  I'm sure we'll do another lump again, whenever there is a moment to process.  Truly we do want to record this year, to remember.  But, this year is different and we have to relax in that fact.  And that is okay.

There were a number of places that we really wanted to get to while on the east coast (i.e. Boston and Washington D.C).  Between school, work, having a baby and all else included this was not our season of travel, except of course to New Zealand to discern and to family and friends :).  Never mind.  I guess, just not the season for that kind of travel.
On the way through to Indiana, though, we stopped at Niagara Falls...another place we'd wanted to visit.  One night, hotel room, just us as a family, saw the falls on both sides, got wings in Buffalo, and a lot of driving.  It was worth it for a few reasons.