Monday, December 12, 2011

a chair

(from Saturday)
You are forced to ask yourself how much something is worth.  When paying $10 per cubic foot, should you bring it?
Today our things are gone.  We have 6 bags and a bass guitar to carry around the globe.  The rest of our stuff fits onto (approximately) a 4 foot by 7 foot by 7 foot pallet space.  And, that's everything.

The shipping company asked to come 2 days early, then showed up 30 minutes before planned.  I didn't have time to think, to process...until it came to the rocking chair.

Were we over in cubic feet?  Clint measured the chair and we estimated the cost.  The man asked what we felt it was worth to keep it. 
My mom rocked Julie in that rocking chair.  I rocked Evee there and sometimes still do.  Now Iris is rocked while I sit on that seat, multiple times a day.  When I was pregnant with Evee, our awaited first child my mom reupholstered the fabric and gave it to me.  Oh, I love that chair.

If we were just going for 5 years, even a bit more, I think I would have kept it back.  Not worth the risk of something happening to it and knowing I would sit in it again.  But that is not our plan.  God willing, we'll have another baby or two...I want that chair.  What if my girls want to rock their babies in it one day.

I have 2 pieces of furniture to my name.  That chair and a little red table that Evee sat at every day, multiple times a day, eating lunch with friends, doing crafts.  My sisters and I sat at that table and my mom had it as a girl.

Both pieces went on that truck today and as I rocked Iris in the middle of boxes and the movers, I realized I would have paid a lot more to keep those things.  They make up home for me and are apart of who I am and what I want my girls to know.

This morning feels a bit tough, but I haven't thought about taking our decision back, not even once.  And I have no doubt that this is what we are to do.  And just when there is a moment of discouragement we get an email or a detail comes together and hope does not disappoint.  So many of you are in the journey with us.  And I am ever thankful that we are not alone.