Monday, October 3, 2011

for travel - an airplane tray cover

With lots of traveling in our past and in the near future, I've gotten more and more creative.  At one time we did the felt doll set.  This time around I thought of a slip cover for an airplane tray table.  We'll see how it works, but I'm pretty excited about using it!
It has velcro to close and open.

When open and slipped onto the tray (with a tie to make it stay put) - there is a pocket on the right meant for a cup, a pocket on the left that holds a felt puzzle/matching game (numbers on one side, animals on the other side) and a center pocket with three panels (one we use for crayons, one for stickers and another for snacks).

On the top panel there is a white board with pen. On the other half is card stock paper.

There is also a pocket on the bottom panel to put books in.  And, it all folds up nicely to slid into a bag or backpack. 

Here's to lots of happy use during long plane rides :).