Thursday, October 6, 2011

a day at the beach

Last Friday I had my feet in the sand and I collected a few seashells.  Of course, the weather is turning cold, but the sand still felt so nice.

Thinking back to our summer, it was full.  Doing what we should be doing, but not nearly enough laid back.

There was one day, though, that we drove up to the shore and met friends, walked the boardwalk and visited the beach the next day.

When I close my eyes and think of summer, this past summer, I will remember sitting in the sand with waves coming over me; my hands on Iris who was trying to lick the water and loving every moment of sand in her hands and my eyes on Evee who ran in and out of the waves, back and forth.  Even though it was just that once, I am treasuring it and hoping next summer will bring more of these moments (not in this country of course, but I believe New Zealand has beaches and water ;)).

In so many ways our small get-away, staying at our friend's sweet mom's house, walking the boardwalk and sitting on the beach was perfectly timed.

And I will miss the sand again until December, when thankfully we may see it again (and if not then, in January for sure!).