Monday, September 19, 2011

sequins and sand

We found out that the sequins on this shirt make light on the car ceiling when the sun hits them.  This made our day.  

That and a sand timer.  Evee found one in the play room and was mesmerized by it.  She sat across from me, asking me to look as the sand went though.  I struggled to sit and stare for that long minute.  

Another reminder for me to look and be thankful for the little.  The smallest things can bring joy, if we allow them to.  I'm glad I have Evee to make me sit and stare at sand (for a whole minute).  I don't often take those moments on my own.  She's a beautiful person, this Evee.

And, thank you Ms. Jill for the beautiful outfit.  She wears it proudly until it gets dirty and I make her put it in the dirty wash.  I was reminded while sitting across the table from you tonight that home can truly be anywhere and I felt at home with you.  You do not know the blessing it was.  Thank you for that too.