Thursday, August 4, 2011

Awhile back I was refilling my coffee at a friends house.  As I went to fill my cup I noticed notes on the side of the fridge.  There was a "to do" list with everything crossed off.  At the bottom of the list there was a new "to do" added. 

It read, "Love each other really well".

I have not forgotten the words.  And even though I know the words aren't on their list anymore and even though my friend and I have joked about it a few times since, I have not forgotten them.  I love it.  And it wasn't simply to love each other, although that would be a great start for most of us as couples, but to love really well.  There was something about the wording and placement (on a list).  So simple, but not.

I have found over the last couple of weeks that some of my best moments with Clint are as we fall asleep at night holding hands.  Sometimes there is much on the mind and more words than could be expressed...sometimes the knowledge of how to form all that is on our minds into words is too high a task.  So a simple holding of the hands while falling asleep brings more comfort and understanding that words could possibly bring.  I am thankful for this. 

He comes home after a week away and this, too, I am thankful for.