Monday, August 1, 2011

and camp

Last week was the annual summer camp at church.  Last year I had little Iris on this exact week (the Monday of camp, to be exact).  It was interesting thinking about all that was happening at church and with coworkers and friends while I was adjusting to a new baby. 

There's much I could say about camp...  That I don't know if I was a true believer in "vbs" before now or that our volunteers are absolutely unbelievable (who takes off work to work?!) or that children are generally amazing.  All of this is true.


The best picture of it all for me, though, is through my own kids.  Evee loves to dance, I know this, but to see her pick up motions within a day or two and sing her guts out to songs written especially for this week was so fun.  Iris was swinging her legs to songs while hanging out in the moby wrap and struggling to get her hands free so that she could clap and dance to the music...

They also raised money for our future children's ministry in New Zealand throughout the that we will use to do stuff for kids in the community and buy necessary things like crayons and tables.  One week and passionate kids/families equaled $6000...I am in awe and blessed. 

One song that runs through my head again and again from the week...
"We are nothing more than ordinary kids / and we choose to follow Jesus...  / His love is wider / His love is stronger / His love is deeper / it never runs out / there's enough for all of us."
 I love this simple beautiful truth.