Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I miss you...

The other night I could not sleep.  I started thinking about the somewhat transient nature of our lives thus far.  I began to ponder all that I will miss and those I miss already.

I miss family - all of them, both sides.  Sweet grandparents.  All the little ones who I don't know nearly as well as I wish I did.  Regularly I want to squeeze and love them.

I miss that I've only begun to know the wives of my awesome brother-in-laws.

I miss that I can't hang out regularly with my sisters and brother and their wonderful partners. 

I miss watching the girls be with their awesome is always precious when they are together.

I miss sitting regularly with my friend who I met in junior high and was a highlight to my growing up years.  We were in each others weddings and got together just last week (which only happens once every couple years).

I miss my two amazing friends from college (one who is a friend all the way from early childhood) who are further away than I'd like, but yet I feel that they are somehow not far at seems we didn't miss a moment when we are together.

I miss our dear friends in Indiana.  They originally taught us about community.  A group of people who took us into their homes, fed us, loved us and who I think of all the time and see every chance we get. 

I miss friends who have already left Princeton, a year before us.  I miss dropping in on each other, late night talks and too many other things to count.  People who I knew before seminary, but never realized I would know them like I know them now.

I miss all those who have recently gone (my previous post) and those who are still at school, but will have to say goodbye to (for real) in August and then again in December.  I'm not quite ready.  I will miss all that will happen in their lives in the year(s) ahead.

And I will miss, the people that is a whole other community in Princeton...the wonderful woman who I sit next to at the office and is a dear friend, the family who have taken us into their home (for 6 months!) and those who I see week in and out.

And how this list will evolve as life moves on...I anticipate the great people who will come into our lives in Christchurch and New Zealand in general.

I was telling this to Clint over dinner one night.  In the midst of all the sadness, I realized that if we hadn't moved each time we had, I wouldn't know the people that I'm currently missing.

So I will take that point and I will be grateful, even in the missing.

But know, I miss you.