Wednesday, July 6, 2011


A reminder to date your spouse was the last bridal shower card I wanted to share.  Its a good reminder, I believe.  And lady from who it came, I remember her and her husband walking the pier in Grand Haven, MI very regularly.  They always seemed happy and content to be peace. 

Clint and I went away for a night for our anniversary.  It was a gift.  Quite literally because some wonderful friends had the girls and we went away with much ease.  A hotel, wine, eating at hole in the wall places with great food...I felt quite spoiled.

We went post packing, moving, and starting to settle in to a new place.  As we started off I felt that there was too much on my brain, but that quickly turned.  We reminisced about the past 9 years and thought about the year ahead and all that it holds and how we can be together within it all.

It was good and I feel like that couple who I would see walk the pier.  They took one night a week to just be them.  They are much further ahead of us in their marriage.  We will continue to take their advice to heart.  We will keep dating.