Monday, May 16, 2011

the store again (and a love reminder)

I went to the store again.  Much more unrushed this time.  

I did pass an older man again.  To give myself some credit, I thought he was stopping to pick something up on a side aisle.  He wasn’t.  I stopped, pulled back so that he could get through and told him to please go ahead and that I thought he was picking something up. 

He smiled and said it was fine.  I waited till he went ahead. 

A minute later, as I reached to grab for a gallon of milk, he made his way over to me.  He told me a joke.  It was sweet.  I laughed and we moved on.  It made me happy.  Same store, similar situation, but different approach.  I felt different in the simple process of grocery shopping.  And it was nice. 

This week’s love reminder: Love in the form of my speech (or lack there of).  
The reminder is to speak well of others.  Believing the best, out loud.  I recently read this post from Ann Voskamp and this one from Holley Gerth.  They both state beautifully what this week’s reminder in love is all about.  

In Holley's words, written to her friend...
I promise I will never speak an unkind word to or about you. I will never be jealous of you. I will never compete with you. I will never abandon or betray you. I will love you. I will pray for you. I will do all I can to help you go far and wide in the Kingdom.
I will accept you as you are, always. I will be loyal to you. Before our loving God of grace, you have my words and my heart in friendship for this life and forever with Him.”
and from her post 
"Because life is hard and we all fall and we need sisters who stand in the gap for us. Because words have the capacity to hold back evil, to bring forth life, to sustain, encourage, and unite us."
Oh, to have that knowledge, that trust, within a relationship...

May I remember the power of my words.  May they be used for beauty and not harm.  May we love like this.

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