Tuesday, February 1, 2011


From our travels last week: a few things that made the flight more enjoyable.

This teething/rattle toy.  The only baby toy that I, myself, have ever bought (as far as I can remember at least).  And it was worth it!

A little craft project I decided to take up last minute.  I knew Evee would like it (and it was fun to think through and make)...

(just in case the pictures aren't clear, it's a felt doll that you can dress up with other felt pieces...dresses, pants, shirts, hair, crowns, shoes, etc.)

And the fact that on the way home, alone with 2 little ones, the lady working at the United Airlines counter came over and told me she thought I might appreciate an extra seat (!!!).

She had asked another guy to move so that Evee, Iris and I could have 3 seats instead of 2.  It was wonderful.  Truly.

I was amazed.  Honestly, we've had some bad experiences with United.  This was a bit of redemption.  I told her over and over how kind she was and how thankful I was. Our trip was significantly easier.

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