Sunday, January 30, 2011

upon retun

After spending a beautiful week in California I am...

just now home (even though the girls and I arrived on Friday)

thankful for our friend who accepted my request of letting us stay the weekend at her place :)
     and picked us up from the airport
     and made soup
     and let me sleep in while Evee chatted away to her all morning

oh so glad to be back with Clint who left CA on Thursday morning and reunited with us this afternoon

happy to be putting my children in their own beds tonight

anticipating our routines for the week (some already begun)
     baking bread
     meal planning
     looking at the calendar for the week
     ballet class
     a date night (even if it's simply at home)

looking forward to catching up with friends

sad to be in cold weather

much more sad to be apart from sweet family and friends

wearing the shoes and jeans from my sister

thinking back to the week
     a birthday
     time with people we love
     seeing what life is like for them
     walking around in sandals
     and even the travels

It was a gift of a week.  We were tired, but had so much fun...exactly what I expected and wanted.

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