Monday, February 14, 2011

love, love

I've always thought that stores bring in the next holiday way too soon.  Like, how we finished up New Years and Valentine stuff was out the next day.

But, then I thought.  This is when I, too, should actually begin to think of what I may or may not chose to do for that *given* holiday.  Brilliant.

And even though I'm usually not one to bring any intensity to a holiday, I figured, why not try out a few things...  That way, if I don't do much, it is because I chose not to...not because there was not enough time to get it done.  Might be kind of fun to add a bit of specialness to our days. 

Valentines 2011
  • Beautiful, beautiful weather!  Just perfect...sunshine and a bit of warmth.
  • Hearts on a ribbon, hung on the bare wall by our table (put up last week)
  • Homemade cards for friends
  • A note on the sliding glass door for Clint when he returns home
  • Wearing of pink during play (although I shouldn't pretend that it's for is everyday wear) 
  •  A "would have been fun idea" - this valentine that came from this (I saw this last year and thought I might do it, but didn't in the end (but it's a very fun idea!)).  Maybe next year!


Happy day to you of celebrating love...

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