Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a chapter book

I think that for 6 months or so I've wanted to read a chapter book with Evee.  I've gone back and forth as to whether I am simply too anxious to get going on a books that are too difficult for a 3 year old.  Plus, we didn't have any appropriate chapter books in our house.  (Maybe everyone else knows more about child development...it always takes me an extra moment to think it all out :)).

My sister and I went to a used bookstore when we were visiting them last month.  I saw Little House in the Big Woods, debated whether we would actually read it, and then bought it figuring we'd read it at some point.

And so we began.  I've been so pleasantly surprised...at the conversations and at her excitement of reading this book without pictures.  I don't think I started a day too early.

Although I had a love for Laura Ingalls as a girl I don't remember reading these books, so I didn't know exactly what we were getting into.  Nevertheless, I'd only heard positive things about the series.

Take the simple subject of storing up food for the winter.  Over the last few nights we've been talking about what this means, how the family is going about it, killing of animals for food, and gardening.  We've compared this book with others (like Blueberries for Sal where the bear and Sal are also "storing food" for winter) and made connections to our own life.

If I question whether she is enjoying it (as much as I am), I need only wait a moment.  Then she'll ask a question or make a connection.  When I told her that maybe we'd read a bit every night she suggested that we also read a bit every morning.  She asked to look through it tonight before she fell asleep (there are a few pictures to look and wonder about).  I love this.

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