Saturday, January 22, 2011


A bit ago Clint was gone overnight.  I was out with the girls much passed their bedtime.

Evee was asleep before I even put the car in reverse to come home.

As I drove home I tried to decide who I would bring in first from the car (since both needed to be carried) and how I'd get them both in the house and to bed.

I have a friend.  She also has 2 girls.  She moved from many states away about 3 years ago.  3 weeks after they arrived she lost her husband suddenly.  Today it's been 3 years since that day. 

On nights like tonight I think of her more than usual.  What it must be like to think through it all (life), all the time.

And she is such a strong woman, very brave.  She has the most beautiful spirit and is lovely.  But, I know she hurts and I hurt with her.  I wish that her burden could be a bit lighter.  Praying that I can see the pain around me and be in it with others.  Praying for wisdom to know what "being in it" even means.

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