Sunday, December 19, 2010

this week 48 words.

A friend and I have been experimenting with words in a different space.  It has been really interesting.  It got me thinking...I'd like to "end" each week here in a similar fashion.  

Each weekend I will share a quick synopsis of the week or a favorite moment or a few key things that debrief the 48 words or less.

As a simple way to remember the weeks, the moments and to stay present.

I would love to read your 48 words if you are comfortable sharing (please do!).  Just a short email exchange.  Would be fun, don't you think?

I'll begin.

Sweet interactions.  A conversation at our couches.  Hearing of good news, even over a text.  A brief, but sweet email exchange.  Embracing my parents at the train station.  Watching the girls with their grandparents.  Lots of laughing.  A date with my husband.  Hearing history through my grandma.

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