Saturday, November 13, 2010

my birthday

I realize that Evee is very excited about my birthday
I want to make sure she feels included
so we bake a cake the evening before
it's chocolate ganache and I think of Jayne
Evee can hold a hand held mixer by herself and I'm amazed
but we only use that to make real whipped cream
we use my mom's mixer and her pans for the cake
3 generations, using that mixer
I blow out a candle while Clint sings and Evee smiles shyly, even though its just us
friends come and eat cake with us
it's good cake...if I can say so

I sleep in
wake up (fully) and I'm holding Iris' hand
Clint comes in with cards and a kiss
Evee shows me the card she made
it mostly tells me what she did that morning while I slept
she asks if today is my birthday
she tells Iris that today is my birthday, in the high pitched voice she always talks to Iris in
we head downtown
I eat breakfast with Evee and Iris and am amazed that these 2 are mine
my birthday is full of coffee and crafting/reading in the kids' section of the library

Clint and I go out for dinner
we've looked forward to it all week
it's been awhile since we'd had a 'real' date
we have free childcare and almost a free dinner thanks to a sweet friend
we drink wine and dream together
he makes me laugh and I think, I'm so lucky

He organized a brunch with friends
I love breakfast out
I love these friends
and there are so many people, so many places that I miss
He wrote them and reminded them it was my birthday so they wouldn't forget
so I got texts and emails and phone calls throughout the day
and I am so thankful

it was a beautiful day.

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