Sunday, October 3, 2010

reading and rain

This past week we had a rainy day that we also were able to simply be at home.  All day.  And it was lovely.

The first five days of this coming week are supposed to also be rainy and I'm guessing that it won't feel so lovely by the end of that.

Anyway, we took advantage of the day.  We made puppets, I drank coffee, we stayed in our pajamas till we ate a late lunch.  We made our own dark chocolate covered almonds and Evee played in the rain with her umbrella.

My favorite thing of late is to watch Evee sit next to Iris and read to her.  It's come about without any help from me...not because I didn't want it, but simply hadn't thought of it.  A few times now, after Iris is up from sleeping and I've laid her on a blanket or put her in the swing, Evee will run to grab a book (or 2 or 3) and sit down next to her.  We both get excited as Iris takes in all the pictures and sounds.  It's a very sweet exchange between the two.


  1. How sweet. What a great big sister Evee is. We love all of you so much.

  2. "A sweet exchange between the two." Love it!

    Love the pictures.

    I think there must be nothing better than sisters. So precious.

  3. And now this morning I'm watching a ballerina show...she's got a pink tutu and a high pitched voice.

    Brings me back to making up dances to Whitney Houston songs :).

  4. How sweet to picture this exchange.

    Also, I can recall a few dances made up to TLC songs as well, something I think you should bring back now that Evee is capable of busting a move for Iris's satisfaction. :)

  5. Jamie, I looked at these pictures again. Iris is so sweet. She looks like she is completely enthralled with Evee's reading. She has changed so much and I am really going to miss having a chance to hold her next week.

    Sending all my love, hugs and kisses for all of you with Dad.