Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Learning to live in peace and simplicity with gratitude is a beautiful thing.  Granted, it requires being conscious in each moment and drastically shifting (my) normal thought processes.  It means being present.  And lately, I’ll add for me, that it requires less self introspection. 

So thankful to be slowly taking in this life lesson and slowly (hopefully) have it breathe out of me.

Two summers ago I spent most days reflecting, processing, praying, sitting and taking walks by the water.  Since then I think often of having a heart that is full of peace and gratitude.  There have, undoubtedly, been moments when I feel like I am losing it, but life is (after all) a process and a journey. 

There is so much to be thankful for…So many good things to dwell upon…So many things, people, circumstances that bring peace.  It has been a beautiful exercise and discipline.  Whether in practicing it or failing to do it, I am learning.

And, in the process of peace, I realize how greatly it affects those around us.  It amazes me how you can “know” peace (or lack thereof) when you walk into a home or talk with a friend.  I have sensed a person at peace in someone I've never met...maybe someone sitting next to me at a coffee shop or someone I walk past on the street. 

My prayer is that through practicing a life of peace and simplicity I can somehow bring peace, justice and love to others.

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  1. Lovely Jamie. I think you're right, those of us prone to introspection need to lighten up in order to be more at peace. Good words.

    I'm reminded again... anything extreme is usually not a healthy thing. All things in moderation goes a long way in life with lots of things.

    Love you!