Monday, August 23, 2010


Today was much cooler than the rest of our summer days.  Tonight it even got down to around 60 degrees.

It rained throughout the day and with all the windows open tonight the rain was very evident.  After dinner Evee and I made our way out to the porch.

We hung out on the porch for awhile.  After getting her umbrella Evee made her way out in to the rain.  It was raining pretty hard, though there wasn't any thunder or lighting.  It was a very nice rain...very refreshing and peaceful.

Eventually Clint made his way out to the porch with some wine.  We sat out there for a few moments as Evee continued to play in the rain...eventually taking off her dress that was soaked and getting down to just her undies...eventually talking me into getting my umbrella and joining her in the puddles.

She ended with a warm bath that Clint had ready for when we made our way in.

This night reminded me of the many nights we'd stand on the porch of our old farmhouse growing up.  When big storms would come through, my dad would always go out to watch and hear the storm.  I always loved joining him.  I was never afraid at those big storms because I was out there with him.  His appreciation and love for them have made storms all the more endearing for me.  I'd actually not thought of this memory for quite awhile and it was such a nice one tonight.

This was the highlight of my day.  The peace in the midst of being tired (even though I did get a nap...SO wonderful).  Sweet moments and memories in the midst of the weariness that sometimes comes across the soul.


  1. Miss you all so much! Wish I could join you in the rain.

  2. You're bringing tears to my eyes... wish I could have joined you on the front porch. I definitely felt peace out there.

  3. Love the last picture too and the picture you painted of joining Dad out on the porch in Holland. Beautiful.