Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sleep begets sleep

When we were in the first weeks of postpartum with Evee I remember getting scared at times that she was sleeping too much in the day and wouldn’t sleep well at night.

One night we were at a friend’s house and a woman there, who’d recently had her second kid said, “Sleep begets sleep.”  She went on to explain that she was a strong believer that sleep led to more sleep for little ones.  That good sleep during the day led to better sleep at night as well.

There were many times throughout those first few months were I’d remind myself of this as Evee slept heartily throughout the day.  I found the statement to be true.

Recently I’ve been reminded of this again.  In the midst of summer nights and the lagging sunlight, Evee was going to bed later for a few nights in a row.  And then getting up earlier than normal (by an hour or more).

I started putting her to bed earlier thinking that she may wake up at the same time, but would be getting more sleep.  Turned out, though, that she is now sleeping even later.  For us, an earlier bedtime = sleeping later in the morning.

I am thankful for this reminder right before #2 comes along…for Evee’s sake, the new baby’s routine and especially for my own sanity.  I’d kind of forgotten about it, but I’m sure I’ll be quoting it to myself many times soon once again.

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