Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rainy days

Am I really posting this little?  Sorry friends!
{This post was written two Saturdays ago}

Today it is raining…perfect for our garden and perfect for relaxing.

We started the morning with a breakfast of pancakes, fruit, and homemade whipping cream.That was after a solid time of lying in bed with Evee, chatting to each other, talking on the phone with Clint and sending text messages to him from Evee.

Went to an indoor farmer’s market with friends after that. Enjoyed getting donuts, fruit, and veggies.

As I write this, I’ve just been lying in bed (yes again). I have the most beautiful girl lying beside me – reading books, taking pictures of things (blankets, books, me…)and cuddled in her blanket.  I’ve got a little one inside me that is still such a mystery.  And we are greatly anticipating the arrival of having Clint tomorrow. 

Life is really a gift…such a beautiful one.

I just think, this is so good. Life is such a blessing.

In the unknown of the next month – ushering a new life into the world, the lack of sleep, endless discovering – I am thankful for these moments now.I know there were be much to be grateful for and moments of peace in the weeks ahead, but it will be so in a different kind of way.

Today I am thankful for these moments...this moment.

From Evee's perspective

The Farmer's Market - We went with some friends that are staying around and others that are leaving this week...

Quiet afternoon reading in bed

And a little looking-down-at-the-belly shot

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  1. miss you and cannot wait to be spending time with all of you in the next few weeks!