Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Pool

Our internet has been down this week and last due to seminary construction/development.  It’s had its advantages, but is also an inconvenience.  Needless to say, I’m online a lot less (thus no blog posts last week).  I did, however write up a few things about our week

This week, in our 100 degree weather, Evee started swimming lessons at the YMCA pool that the seminary owns and is an easy walk from our apartment.  We enjoy the pool regularly already, so having the additional lessons is only a great bonus. 

Tonight we picked up goggles so that she will feel more comfortable putting her head in the water.  We gave them a try during bath time and she let me snap some pictures.  I’m also adding a picture that my friend took weeks ago when she and her daughter were out for a wonderful visit.


  1. So great!! Maybe Papa and G'ma can take a swim in the pool with Evee :)

    See you next week! Almost baby time!

  2. Cannot wait to see you!!! Can't wait to all go swimming together!
    Love you

  3. Over a week and no post? I'm going through withdrawal. :)