Monday, March 1, 2010

More winter meanderings...

From Friday...

Today turned out to be another snow day (this winter has been amazing, really).  Although, for us, this is a normal Friday.  Fridays are the beautiful day of the week that is completely free...where we usually have a clean slate each week.  And we enjoy it.

The only thing that the snow meant this morning was changing a date to play with friends.  It didn't end up snowing too much and now it's just beautiful outside, so it seems a bit silly now that we canceled.  But at 10 am, when it was snowing, it was hard to make that call.

After a quiet morning with a quick visit (Evee and I) to friends, Clint came home for lunch and then headed out again to class.  Evee and I got to work...

I wanted to finally finish a "craft/play" blanket that I'd started last spring.  I'd made one for my sister (since I knew she'd appreciate it and a lot of it was her own leftover fabric - thanks Jules!), but still needed to finish Evee's.

Evee and I did it together as she likes to do with most sewing projects ("let's do it together").  Then we used it straight away to make a long time intended thank you note that can finally go in the mail.  Painting, drawing, writing of notes, putting on of stickers...lots of fun.

Evee then saw a friend playing out in the snow.  She, this friend, and the friend's 2 older sisters have now been very happily playing outside, sledding, for a good chunk of time.  I'm so amazed at the moments I am having.  And, all when I had wanted to start on this project - perfect timing!  I've been cutting out fabric, listening to music, and glancing out the window for awhile now.

Clint just called to check in and I told him that I'm alone, doing whatever I want.  He was so happy for me...which is ever so sweet since he has been working all day and was checking in before working again until he comes home for dinner.  I wonder if I'd be jealous if I was him...but he was just excited for me.

I think I see Evee making her way back...should go now :).


  1. Good to hear of your special Friday. Loved reading all the details. Missing you guys. I think because we are on the road... I'm missing family.

    The last picture of Evee in her hat is so sweet. Tell her Papa and G'ma love her and send her big hugs.

  2. We have matching blankets now! :) Sounds like a great day. Glad you got to enjoy a day like that. Love you!

  3. and the baby bump is where?
    Miss you so much it hurts.

  4. Pictures are coming...I promise :)