Thursday, February 25, 2010

Potty talk...this may be the last post on this!

So, after random posts about this over the last year and a half - yikes - this may be the last one.  Mostly because the posts are so random, but also because we may be well on our way to no more diapers!

The progression of the last 2-3 weeks has been...
  • lots of talk about going on the potty.
  • a wonderful book from the people I work for - The Princess and the Potty
  • reminders for me that it works best when the kiddo is ready and to have a more laid back approach (not that I'd been intense at all, but I thought intensity at some point  was needed...not the case for us).
  • lots of encouragement for Evee to go naked or in undies.  That had been the biggest issue, in fact.  Not that she was having lots of accidents but that she wanted to wear a diaper.
  • a special trip to the store to pick out whatever undies she wanted (turned out she wanted Dora).
  • sometimes deserts for wearing undies for a long period of time even though she'd rather wear her diaper.
  • long amounts of time with regularly going on the potty.
It's been a lot easier than expected actually, although we are still in process.  Today, though, is our 4th day of wearing underwear and no accidents!  And, just with the reality of our life, we are out and about a lot of the days.  It's a wonder to me that she's catching on and I'm not fearful of being out...

One thing that has been awesome, that I didn't expect, was a sticker chart.  When we tried potty training at 18 months, I used treats.  But this time it was just a simple chart we made that has 60 slots for stickers.  She is thrilled about it.  After about 10 stickers were on the chart I told Evee that maybe we could have a potty party when it was all filled up.

It is truly amazing to me how little ones can adjust from one mindset to a completely different one.  Can you imagine just going whenever necessary and not even thinking about it...then one day you have to start thinking about when you need to go and where you make it happen.  You're supposed to hold it in and only go at certain times and in certain places.  I think about what it must be like for little ones - physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  It's pretty are a wonder!


  1. Jamie, this is great! Way to go Evee! Tell her G'ma and Papa are very proud of her for how well she is doing wearing her Dora undies and going on the potty.

    I'll be eager to hear about the potty party :)

    Love you!