Friday, March 12, 2010

Birthday love

Today is Clint's birthday - 29.  It's nice it is today, on a Friday with fun possibilities :).  Happy birthday Clint!

I love him...
  • Overall he is the best friend, lover, partner for life that I could ever ask for
  • He is a man of integrity and a man of his word
  • His faith is steady and unwavering 
  • He is constantly forgiving and full of grace
  • He makes me laugh
  • He puts up with my intensity and, I believe, even loves me more for it
  • He does not live his life to please others, but is still compassionate and truly cares about people
  • Evee adores him and they have so much fun together  
  • He wants to be with me and be with Evee - we are a joy and priority to him
  • He works hard and provides for his family
  • He also knows how to rest
  • He has great wisdom and discernment
  • He is committed to the end
  • His intent is never to harm me and over and over again thinks (both intentionally and simply out of who he is) about how he can add blessing to me life- he believes and wants the best for me
  • His passion and love - he keeps these just for me
  • He is very handsome and ever so fine
  • He is strong while being surrendered and broken
  • He is a dreamer and thinks big picture all the time
  • He is smart, works hard at all he does and is respected greatly
  • He is naturally a leader - he cannot help but lead
  • He is a lover of life, passion, and things that matter
This is the amazing man I get to spend life with...




  1. Yeah! Enjoy your birthday celebrations together! How fun... He now shares his bday with THREE Whiteley kids!!! :-) Love this post... and catching up on your others. You are EVER so cute pregnant (again)! We miss you guys.

  2. Love this Jamie! I hope Clint reads your post :).

    Enjoy the party tonight! You're a great wife to a great man.

    Happy Birthday Clint!

  3. What a great post. Oh Jamie, oh Clint. We love you guys.


  4. Yeah! Happy birthday! I LOVE that picture of him and Evee.