Monday, March 15, 2010

1st Day of School

Last Wednesday was Evee's first day of school (preschool that is).  She woke up that morning, opened her door, and her first words for the day were "Is it time for school?". 

She didn't finish her 2 eggs for breakfast because she was so anxious to get there.  I took this picture as she was eating eggs this morning and that's the same smile we left her with at school - excited, but not sure exactly how it would all go. Oh, and those barrettes came out 2 minutes later - I cannot get her to wear anything in her hair...

She had such a great time and looked slightly sad to see us...meaning that she couldn't have lunch with the full day kids.

Here are pictures that Evee's teacher sent her of her first day of school. It was fun to go through them with her and have her narrate for each one..."reading by ourselves", "playing outside", making postcards", etc...  She said, "Let's put them on the blog".  So here are all of them :).


  1. So fun to see! Tell Evee I'm glad she posted ALL the pictures :).

    She is so grown up! So hard to believe.

    She looks so intent sitting in her little chair reading her book.

  2. oh man! Can't believe she's going to preschool! she looks so adorable. I like her outfit. I miss her so much!

  3. Are you serious right now?! I love it all. I cannot believe how old she is getting. So wish we could be there with you guys. Love you so much.

  4. Love the pics and we echo everything else that was said. :)